Riyadh Daily
A boost to Arab solidarity

The forthcoming visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, to Egypt will give a strong boost to the strategic relations between the two countries. It will also strengthen their joint stance on key bilateral and wider Arab issues.
In his first official foreign trip since becoming Crown Prince, he will meet Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to discuss a range of vital topics including the upcoming Arab Summit scheduled for mid-March in Riyadh. Also to be discussed during the three-day visit are the latest developments in Yemen, the Qatar crisis, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, counterterrorism efforts, and the achievements on bilateral security, economic and investment relations.
With its strong economic, political, and military influence, Saudi Arabia is playing multiple roles to safeguard its own interests and those of the region. This is why the issue of combating supporters of terrorism will be an important subject of discussion. This includes Qatar’s malicious role against the Gulf states and Egypt and Iran’s scheming expansionist plots in Yemen, which is an Arab country in the fullest sense and must remain one.
Riyadh and Cairo must maintain its close alliance and continue to jointly face vexing issues that face the region to deter its enemies. The Crown Prince’s visit will ensure this and further deepen inter-Arab relations.

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