Farhan Al Shammari*
Artificial Intelligence from other side

In the age of algorithms... There are some attempts to control artificial intelligence as it has invaded all areas of our modern life, from “smart” phone applications, tools, self-driving vehicles to advanced technologies in the manufacturing and diagnosing diseases.

As there is a believe of that AI revolutionizing human life, on the other side, those who criticize it assert that this technology carries the risks that as one of major risk is that machines will assume the task of making fateful decisions in life.

In addition to that, as per the International Data Corporation predicting that the global data sphere will grow from 33 zettabytes (33 trillion gigabytes) in 2018 to 175 zettabytes (175 trillion gigabytes) by 2025.

And on it, a huge amounts of structured and unstructured data are available to companies and individuals may allow them to use, and manage, So, the risks of exposing customer and employee data will increase, as of that personal privacy will become harder to protect.

In this regard, USA recently issued, the rights related to artificial intelligence, as well the European Union will pass the “AI Act” soon, which aims to monitor and observe AI fields.

Many experts of AI believe that it is difficult and hard to define and restrict AI technology or setting a rules and rights in this time of transforming for most the fields to AI, as of now the picture still dull and utilization is going on rapidly and it is must be segregated among the fields.

However, that experts agree on is the need to dispel the hyper-hype and ambiguity surrounding of AI and to not utilize for advertising and misleading propaganda.

However, we all have to learn and understand more about the risks of artificial intelligence and the proper way of managing and controlling it.


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