Qatari fingers in Yemen.. Sabotage and support for coup

Qatar carries on its criminal and devastative schemes in Yemen to strengthen its usual approach of undermining the security of the region's countries. To achieve this goal, it has devoted itself to strengthen the power of the Houthi militias in order to fit its schemes, as confirmed by official Yemeni sources.
While being engaged in an Arab alliance aimed at restoring legitimacy and battling terrorism in Yemen, Doha has simultaneously maintained its channels with rebels and terrorists there to serve its dubious schemes.
According to a report by Sky News today, areas freed of the coup were a very important target for these schemes, as Qatar finds no good in terminating the coup against Yemenis and pays no attention to the cost and pain for seizing back the land.
According to official Yemeni sources, Doha does not hesitate to vitiate the legitimate government's efforts to establish security and stability throughout Yemen, and it does its best to support the Houthi militias in the sabotage operations in the liberated areas.
According to the same sources, Doha supports and funds cells in the liberated areas, working on sabotaging and leads an intelligence work for the benefit of rebels. It carries a myriad of attacks in the liberated areas, a matter that certainly carries the fingerprints of the devastative Qatari support.
In another playing field, Doha harnesses its media outlets in its systematic campaigns against the legitimate forces taking up arms against terrorism. Doha's main goal was to thwart the plans of the Arab Coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen in which Qatar had already participated but the Coalition called off that participation in 2017.
Qatar worked on two tracks while joining the coalition. The first track was to provide coupists with funds, information and coordinates, enabling them to continue and avoid the blows of Arab Coalition fighter jets. The other track was to penetrate the components of legitimacy.
Houthi militias are not Qatar's only tool in Yemen to seek its sinister aim, but evidence recurred with regard to the important Qatari role in financing Al-Qaeda branch in Yemen with millions of dollars.
Qatar has not also hesitated to support the terrorist Brotherhood leaders to serve its project through which it insists on divorcing from the natural Arab surrounding.

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