Riyadh - SPA
Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen comments on the launch of a Houthi ballistic missile fired towards Jazan

The Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki Al-Malki said that at 10:18 am
today, the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces started tracking a ballistic
missile launched by the terrorist Iranian-Houthi militia towards
civilian areas in Jazan.

Col. Al-Malki explained that the missile was launched from Sa’da
governorate to deliberately target civilian objects, but came down in an
empty desert.

"Launching a ballistic missile towards densely-populated civilian
areas by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia is yet another violation of
the international humanitarian law, and proves continued Iranian
involvement in the Yemeni conflict. Iran is supporting Houthis with
advanced military capabilities, in a clear and explicit violation of the
UNSCRs (2216 , 2231), in order to threaten the security of Saudi
Arabia, the Middle East, and the stability of the international order."

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