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Some Aspects of the Leadership

“You see things; you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw

To have a clear vision of how to achieve its objectives through innovation, organizational alignment and stakeholders is the main aim of any organization. Staff and employees are the main assets that drive on the objectives to be achieved. There should be Leadership approach to be maintained and enhance frequently first to be clear  it is the responsibility of the human himself and for sure demonstrate and support such environment and atmosphere by the organization will promote and push for more improvement and benefits for all in our article we will go and discuss in the beginning the personal Leadership requirement and the will go through e-Leadership which is nowadays the approach to be followed which find it out by the revolution of communication in this era 

Personality of Leadership

Strong personal leadership skills are essential for leaders, In general, it required from the leader to demonstrate mature leadership that to be through resilience, patience, and confidence, taking advantage of adversity and feedback as opportunities to absorb. There are different aspects we believe that they are important to be considered will go through it as below:

Quality and excellence

Work quality is a value of work delivered by an individual or organization. This can include the quality of assignment completion interactions and deliverables. That drives the leader to be willing to Implement tasks in a different and new ways of doing things and that to say to not be scared to make a mistake based on clear priorities.

Beside that consider of knowing the stakeholder and deliver the right message to them. Quality improving or in other word excellence is required from the leader to create a learning environment,seeking for challenging assignments and career opportunities that add value and in addition maintain an integrity atmosphere.


The leader is accepting the responsibility of his performance and actions and  looking for it as opportunity of learning and improving. He does not hesitate to engage in any chance to acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences. And as a part of his leadership suppose to be  adhered with state policies and practices.


Building a positive image is a confidence and openness to learn. Remember that who around you are watching so Leading by example. Without aggressively self-assurance and confidence. On the journey demonstrates an appropriate level of calm under annoying situations and find a way to express the opinions with confidence and conviction.


With the term of "A feedback loop" that where all outputs of a process are available as causal inputs to go back to the process again for more enhancement base on analyzing , So, welcoming feedback without becoming defensive on the other hand, suppose to recognize and looking for it to achieve enhanced of performance or the process by a flexibility and resilience in response to critical matters  and in general ability to support openness and continuous learning.


Focusing is necessary, “Choose to focus your time, energy, and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self.” 

That's what Mrs Karen Salmansohn the author of “Think Happy “ book said.“Focusing” is to enter into a special kind of awareness, different from our every day awareness. It is open, turned inward, centered on the present and on your body’s inner sensations. When doing Focusing, you silently ask, “How am I now?”

“Focusing is the ability to stay with the felt sense as it develops, to look at it with curiosity, without judging. Focusing is the ability to welcome what comes, to maintain a friendly attitude to whatever is inside you. Focusing is the ability to listen to that place that is trying to tell you something and to be ready to be surprised.” Eugene Gendlin(an American philosopher)

Positive Mindset

Leader supposed to be positive, inspiring impact on others and to be a role model in the leadership arena.

Positive mindset is critical here as the beliefs about any subject is the base of your success with it.

Network and communication

Building a network and proper communication is an essential skill the leader look for in actuality we all need support in different levels and kinds that to achieve our vision and goals or in some how to accelerate it more.

Personal life

Personal leadership is to lead as well your personal life as you are in your professional life. Focusing on making the choices and decisions for your own best interest as you are doing at the work decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.

Obtaining a strong personal leadership skills also makes leader an outstanding role model for  those you lead at work and demonstrates these vital skills to others so that they can practice the same skills and get benefited from it in their lives.

In conclusion

Leadership field and its tools and style are going on in improving and changing or in other word having the ability to adapt to the present and construct a vision for the future and it is still one of the best fields for 

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