Elderly Egyptian woman seeks divorce on grounds of abuse

After a sustained marriage of more than three decades, a 65-year-old Egyptian woman is seeking divorce from her 69-year-old husband on grounds of domestic abuse.
The woman, a villager from the Monufia Governorate in Egypt, approached the Family Court asking for divorce, alleging that her husband had constantly beaten her for over 35 years of their marriage. She had given birth to four children, for whom she cared for despite her torturous life.
"All I cared about during these hellish years is to bring up my kids despite the insults I had suffered throughout those years," said the elderly woman whose name was not disclosed.
The woman said she thought of filing for divorce only after all her children got married and had settled down well. "After the house was empty of our children, my husband treated me even more cruelly," she said.
"At this point, I decided it was time to free myself from my tormenter and live with one of my sons," she said.
The distressed wife said that the mistreatment against her only increased despite her aging, and the constant efforts on her part to coexist. Soon the assaults were unbearable, leading her to take the hardest decision of her life – to seek divorce. She now hopes to preserve whatever remains of her shattered dignity, and to spend the rest of her days in peace.
The woman’s court appeal was accompanied by numerous medical reports indicating she had been severely beaten. She hoped divorce would put an end to her pains and sorrows once and for all. To win her freedom, she had even decided to waive all her rights and dues.

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