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A false superciliousness

Agreements concluded between countries are always binding to their parties. Otherwise, they should have not been concluded. An agreement can be rescinded only by another agreement at the joint consent of all concerned parties. 

However, the Qatari case is different. Agreements are not implemented. They are easily aborted. This indicates that decision-makers in Qatar are irresponsible and unreliable. 

In a call between the Crown Prince and Emir of Qatar on Friday, the Qatari Emir “expressed his desire to sit at the dialogue table to discuss the demands of the four countries to ensure the interests of all". We thought that Qatar's leadership had resorted to reason and regained its own decision. We thought that it had reconsidered its stances and become wise enough to apply reason and logic. However, the Qatari rulers are still seized by their arrogance and egotism which take them in sin. They could not get rid of a false pride which never serves their interests. Indeed, the Qatari leadership has unveiled its reality. Unless, this leadership changes its mind, it can neither be dealt with nor be trustworthy anymore.

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