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Purposes of Hajj

"Hajj is in the well-known months, and whoever is minded to perform the pilgrimage therein let him remember that there is to be no lewdness nor abuse nor angry conversation on the pilgrimage. 

And whatsoever good you do Allah knows it. So make provision for yourselves Hereafter; for the best provision is to ward off evil. Therefore keep your duty to Me, O men of understanding".

Pilgrims began to arrive in the Holy Land to signify the beginning of the Hajj season, a great occasion for Muslims all around the globe and the hearts starve to perform it as one of the five pillars of Islam. Hajj is a journey of faith that millions of pilgrims look forward to taking it on safe, secure, ease and assurance.

This is what our leadership has been providing in the service of the guests of Allah Almighty.

Our country starts preparing for the Hajj season at the end of the previous season without any delay. The mission is important and the event is great, represented in serving the pilgrims and facilitating their pilgrims until their go back their homes with their pilgrimage accepted. It does not go easy it seems as it delves into complex details.

The large projects that are carried out annually and the improvement of the services provided already take a lot of effort, time and money. All bodies of the State are dedicated for the Hajj season in order to help the pilgrims have their pilgrimage accepted with no lewdness nor abuse nor angry conversation that make their pilgrimage unaccepted because  taking Hajj away from its purposes and trying to make use of it for political purposes and the like are fully rejected.

The Saudi Council of Ministers confirmed this in its meeting yesterday  and announced that the Kingdom will not accept any political or doctrinal slogans and would take all necessary procedures to prevent that. This is intended not to take this religious ritual out of its goals and purposes that are ordained by Allah Almighty.

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