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Civilizational Dazzling

Riyadh has seen 1281 dazzling developmental projects inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, costing SR 82 billion.

Over the lifespan of development and race to civilization and development, nations spend long times to take their renaissances up to convincing levels. Yet, Riyadh has cut short decades to a few years to achieve its renaissance, making skyrocketed figures in the rates of reconstruction, industry and various economic and developmental activities of education, health, road network and others.

This civilizational dazzling is caused by the creative pioneer of development, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, whose name is associated with every achievement, innovation and inspiration experienced by Riyadh.

Whoever has been long-standing coeval with Riyadh, is puzzled by the rapid growth of this political capital that radiates benevolence and bestowal.

Starting from the palace of governance region, development and advancement have begun to cover all the provinces of Riyadh, where everyone remembers those ancient mud buildings replaced by modern facilities built by international architects.

Development in Riyadh is the natural product of the tremendous efforts exerted by the leadership that seeks to delight its citizens and residents on the consecrated land of this country which allocates large sums of its annual budget for the comprehensive balanced development of all cities and villages.

It is a Saudi model of a distinctive character in its performance which has achieved a bright presence in the sky of civilization and development, which other regimes have failed to achieve because they are sunk in undermining the stability and security of other countries and peoples by taking out billions of dollars from the wealth of their peoples to serve dark projects in the east and west.

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