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Iran is behind the bombings in Aden through its Houthi agent. Iran is behind the tensions in the Arabian Gulf. Iran has arms in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan provoking sedition. Iran shelters Al-Qaeda elements. 

What can we conclude then? It is very clear that Iran wants to plunge the Arab states into chaos to realize its expansionist interests and dreams and restore the glory of a past that can never be back in any way.

The whole world knows the Iranian subversive roles. Measures have been recently taken to limit those roles, especially the United States which imposed further sanctions on the Iranian regime and its elements, the most recent of them was foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who is one of the most prominent figures in the Iranian regime. 

The US sanctions aim at cracking down on the Iranian regime. However, the US attitude is met by a wobbly attitude by the EU states which still believe that it is possible to save the nuclear deal with Iran even after the US had pulled out of it, a matter which sends wrong messages to the Iranian regime which sees the US-European difference as a loophole that it can go through to prolong crises in the region.

The Iranian regime only seeks the situation in the region to be left the same, because it preys on the tension in it. It also wants to export its domestic issues to the region by unifying its internal front which would almost get out of control if not ruled by iron and fire. 

It also tries  to delude the region into thinking that the whole world is against Iran, and that it leads the resistance front. Iran raises meaningless slogans to sell lies for the fools and those wishing to climb on the shoulders of their countries and their peoples without taking into account what is happening to them, and the evidence is ample.

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