Moroni - SPA
Comoros Stresses Rejecting Canadian Interference in Saudi Arabia Internal Affairs

The government of the United Republic of Comoros declared full
solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the diplomatic standoff
with Canada, reiterating rejecting and refusing intervention in the
internal affairs of the Kingdom, proceeding from fake alibi to defend
human rights.

Such a move is unacceptable as it contravenes with diplomatic norms
and international relations and as it does not serve international peace
and security, rather it jeopardizes security and stability, a statement
of the Comoros' Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation
and Francophonie announced.

We support all measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in
retaliation to Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Riyadh-based
embassy statements, in regard of the so called civic society activists,
the Comoros' statement concluded.

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