Adel Al-Harby
Hacking Qatari mass media

The joke of "hacking" the Qatar News Agency (QNA) has recently joined the Arab media, that all its news has become in doubt and needs to be confirmed by another official authority. 

Press and newsrooms' workers realize that this is a naive claim and that any hacking can be easily denied quickly and easily without the need for fanfare that has exposed lying and confusion.

Here, we do not deny the hacking of the Qatari media, but it is regrettably confirmed, that the Qatari regime has become, in its current trouble, unable to control its agenda and orientation towards calm or escalation. For the Qatari regime, it is really out of control, and I am pretty sure that any reform or pledge by the Qatari regime is just a waste of time, as it cannot easily get rid of this hacking and adjust the behavior of its media, because that will only take place by turning against the leaders of terrorist organizations that hack it and tamper with its decisions.

The new thing is the obscenities of Al Jazeera Network and its branch "beIN Sports". If you see degradation begins to flow and dirtiness begins to dominate, then know that its owners have a lost cause, and have nothing that covers them. What do you expect from such a mercenary network which knows for sure that its association with swamps is an association with life, and burying this life means burying that mercenary with it and cutting off its source of livelihood?!

 We have seen how the degradation of the Qatari media has reached the obscenity hiring some European homeless people to follow around the Saudi tourists in Moscow and European cities, as if the Saudi citizen is responsible for their displacement or for the situation in their homeland. It is undoubtedly known that they represent only themselves and that being homeless in Europe has nothing to do with people of the Gulf. Yet, Qatar makes use of them and will throw them away once the camera is turned off and the fake clip is broadcast. Al-Jazeera has given up all the professional ethics and professional norms to broadcast a poor-quality recording of an Arab expatriate pursuing Saudi citizens in Moscow or Geneva.

"beIN Sports" thought it was an invincible empire and that its monopoly allowed it to tamper with the hobbies of the youth and strip them from their innocence, until the issue of piracy emerged and unveiled the fragility of its apparatus, and that a process of piracy on the margin attacked it. We only hear about its screaming in every sports event (even in tennis), claiming that we stand behind the piracy of broadcasting led by "boutQ", despite the Kingdom's confiscation of thousands of devices in terms of commitment to its duty which is stipulated by the international agreements, and not in terms of pity to the people of monopoly.

Blundering at all levels, from hiring homeless people on the streets to create demonstrations and riots, to hiring tennis, swimming and table tennis federations; in search of a solution, and solution is always in Riyadh.

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