Riyadh Daily
New cold war looming

One would have imagined that the cold war between Washington and Moscow was a thing of the past. But with the present state of affairs in different parts of the world, it appears that an altogether new version of the cold war is looming large on the horizon.
There are several theaters of influence in the global arena where the two powers are on a collusion path – the Syrian civil war, the Ukrainian crisis, the widening NATO control over pockets of Eastern Europe, and the alleged Russian role in the American presidential elections. Russian President Vladimir Putin claim of a new nuclear weapon that cannot be intercepted by US missile shields has only added fuel to the worsening situation.   
These factors are not only causing tensions between the two countries, but are also threatening to engulf the whole world. When the gap widens between the US and Russia, one can only expect serious repercussions in the international arena. They could have unforeseen or unintended consequences even though it might not lead to any full-scale military action.
It is unfortunate that the looming crisis is not showing any signs of easing. On the contrary, it is only worsening – which is a blow to the international community, already reeling under long-drawn conflicts the world over.
There is no question that the US and Russia are super military powers. Any tension between them has an adverse bearing on the world. That is why it is important in the interest of world peace that common sense prevails between the two sides before the situation boils over and gets totally out of hand.

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