Riyadh - Mufadi Al-Khamsani
Heart surgery deprives Qatari citizen of his homeland

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain and Europe denounced the government of Qatar's denial to allow its citizen Saleh Al-Hamran from entering Qatar.

In a letter to the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the President of the UN Human Rights Council, the Organization emphasized that Qatar's practices with its citizens are a clear violation of all international conventions on human rights, expressing its condemnation of the Qatari authorities' refusal to let Qatari Citizen Saleh Al-Hamran into his homeland and see his parents and family.

It all started when Qatari Citizen Saleh Al-Hamran had a heart surgery in one of the Saudi Arabian hospitals and the government of Qatar didn't respond to his desperate pleas. He complained of his unfair kinship, and found refuge only in his cell phone, using its camera to help him convey his suffering, to allow him to see his parents and his family.

In a video clip that he posted on the white bed, the Qatari citizen said, "I'm Saleh bin Jaber Al-Hamran, at the Hospital of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God have mercy on him - in the cardiology department. I had a heart surgery". He appealed to the consciousness of the Doha regime that he never expected to be n alert because of the pain of suffering.

Qatari citizen Saleh Al-Hamran had a heart surgery at one of the Kingdom's hospitals before Doha denied his entry.

Since the four anti-terrorism Arab countries declared their call for boycotting Qatar because of its support for terrorism, the Qatari government has been pulling the chain on the entry of its citizens into the four countries, including those wishing to perform the Hajj, and Al-Hamdeen regime tries to make political use of it.

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