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Vintoria gives its customers an opportunity to buy or sell famous bags via its website

Get authentic designer bags with a discount Dior, Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Moschino. These are only few of the brands Vintoria stocks. We are a brand-new online retailer for pre-owned authentic designer bags. Pre-owned means priced down, by the way! But don’t be fooled, so far, most bags on our website have not been worn and are in perfect condition. Our detailed photographs can prove that.

So, visit our website today and easily sell or buy pre-owned authentic designer bags.

This is how it works: To sell, simply fill out a request on our website, this includes the price you would like for your bag. Once we accept, we send you a shipping label which you can use to send your bag to our warehouse for free. Experts check its authenticity and quality. And that’s when your bag gets the royal treatment – we take photos of all sides and angles, to give buyers a detailed view of the bag once it is added to our website. When it is bought, you get your payout! (For more information, check our FAQs and T&C’s)

Buying from us is as simple as buying from anywhere else. Simply scroll through our curated choice of bags and discover some of the most beautiful items out there. We’ve got a range of bags, from a trendy Dior lady bag to a rare vintage Karl Lagerfeld clutch.

Because the bags are pre-owned we make sure to take photos of all sides and angles, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Many of the bags still have their original tags, authenticity cards and original dust-bags! Still, without all the extras, our specialist can confirm that each and every bag is 100% authentic.

Authenticity and quality are our highest priorities. Bags that are judged as fake never make it through to our website. We also do not accept bags that have been mistreated and are unwearable. Our detailed judging system and high-quality photographs make it easy to gage the quality of the bag.

To us, trust and transparency is key. Without your custom we wouldn’t exist, so why not give it a go today? Have a look through your closet – you may be surprised how many valuable bags you don’t wear anymore. Alternatively, shop with us and discover the bag you’ve always wanted for a lower price.

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