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Turkish Cul-de-sac

Turkey could have taken a direction other than that of its leadership, and it could have played respectable roles than the one it blocked itself in. 

Yet, the Turkish president took a direction for himself, misbelieving that he would restore the glories of the past Ottoman state, and ignoring that time and circumstances are different. He plunged his country into cases that he thought they would bring it a glory will never be brought, and a standing that is greater than his aspirations. 

The Turkish invasion of the Syrian territory is an escapade that will cause harm to his country, as happened in the recent past. 

He conceived that the invasion of a neighboring country will achieve a glory that was no one has ever had before.

The response was quick, unexpected by the Turkish president from the international community which has rejected the invasion, and warned of sanctions that would strain the Turkish economy which is suffering from the policies adopted by the Turkish president. 

This suffering will not stop but will grow strained leaving an unstable economy whose recovery will not be easy or soon.

All indications give the impression that the Turkish invasion of the Syrian territory will be nothing but a political and an economic scourge for the Turkish president. The domestic front, despite the persistent repression, has not kept silent on what is taking place in its country, but has spoken publicly, despite knowing the fate it will receive, and indeed received. 

There are laws that have been developed to shut every voice that does not conform to the president's wishes and orientations. 

He Turkish people suffer from their president's home and foreign policies that lead Turkey to dangerous directions. 

The international community is required to curb the Turkish recklessness. Under any pretext, the Turkish invasion of the Syrian territory must be stopped and those who have caused it should be held accountable.

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