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Instability Hell

Many researchers and politicians agree on the importance of political stability in the functioning of nations, their stability and the accumulation of their experiences and experiments that ultimately serve their peoples and their surroundings. 

The absence of stability is a real obstacle in the face of progress, growth and development.

Perhaps the observer of the tumultuous events that are ravaging the world is aware of the importance of this stability of states, the need to provide it, create an environment suitable for to embrace it and protect it from dispersion or disintegration.

It is important to note that political stability, in its essence, content, and accurate characteristics, is not the product of the economic power as much as it is the result of conscious actions and measures driven by a responsible sense that leads it, and the solidarity of all the society's forces and spectrum melting away any difference and opposition. 

It is also the result of total identification which refuses whatever prejudices the state's entity, hinders its progress and development or tries to dispel and waste its energies and achievements.

In the Kingdom; not to show up or claim, we enjoy stability that is worthy of appreciation. This stability cannot be ignored or underestimated by any follower and observer of the global political scene. 

It has become a prominent feature that is clearly reflected, and more visible and effective thanks to the state of stability and continuance that constitute the character of the Kingdom in all its joints and institutions.

The strength of the political system in the Kingdom and its ability to protect the society and the State against any possible external dangers is undoubtedly one of the most important political fruits of this political stability. 

There is no wonder about it as we have a wise leadership with matchless sense and awareness. This leadership has determined to pursue the wise approach developed by the genius founder who formed of a state with global political weight, followed by his righteous descendants in the same footsteps, opening channels of communication between them and their people in a wonderful and creative alliance that is unshakable and disintegrated over time.

This awareness has become established for every citizen and is still being established with regard to the importance of the State that is the cornerstone of everything related to our welfare, security and rights. 

The danger of violating this importance leads to a state of anarchism; where there is no power, ruler and stability. This has not been realized by some regimes that experience chaos, conflict and hell of instability.

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