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Innovative Entrepreneurship in-Focus

Innovative entrepreneurship is about of establishing, creating new business ideas intending to gain a profit, assist the community and achieve the organization goals, and as well enhance their competitiveness in the market, in this article we will go through what we think it is main three aspects related to our topic:

1st : the importance of Innovative entrepreneurship:

1. Improving the quality of life.

2. Growing the economy.

3. Provide ideas that help grow new and existing businesses.

4. Creating jobs.

5. Encouraging change to enhance customer services.

6. Adapting to modern societal needs.

7. Develop products to improve local communities.

2nd: Main two types of innovative business entrepreneurs are:

1. Startup entrepreneurs

They innovate a single product or service that is unique to an industry. To promote success in their startup business, they may use innovative marketing strategies to keep customers.

2. Social entrepreneurs

Aims to solve community problems with their product or services. These products can promote positive developments in community behaviors. They measure success in improving their community rather than success in profits.

3rd: The 5 Innovative entrepreneur’s traits:

1. Excellent communicator: 

Entrepreneurs use communication skills to inform companies of innovation ideas and distribute plans to all employees working on a product, and communicate with others.

2. Persistently looking for solutions to challenges: 

They overcome many challenges before they reach success, such as market changes or new research on global issues. That by creating innovative products that resolve issues or meet market demands.

3. Proactive:

Proactive individuals often attempt to find a solution to financial or organizational challenges using innovative ideas in their business model or products. 

4. Believe of change and improvement:

They are flexible and adaptable with any changing in the market to update products so the product can still be competitive in its market.

5. Patient: 

Patience is important for innovative entrepreneurship because developing new business ideas or starting a business may take time more than expected. 


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