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Qatari regime's involvement in supporting terrorism has become an irrefutable reality. Eyes cannot turn blind from such fact whatever cost will be. Supported by Arab and Islamic stances, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have taken the bold step of uncovering the main source of finance and support for terrorists not only in the Middle East, but also worldwide. 

Every day, there is new evidence proving involvement of Doha in harboring and financially and logistically helping extremists spread destruction and instability in vast parts of the world. It is unfortunate for the Qatari policy-makers that documented information has answered numerous questions frequently asked by the majority of Gulf and Arab citizens about the huge financial capabilities owned by Qaeda, ISIS and others. 

Regardless of paid diplomatic and media campaigns, launched particularly in Europe attempting to beautify the ugly face of Qatar, policy and security circles worldwide have become aware of the danger of continuing to keep silent about Doha practices. In view of such flood of facts, it is impossible to continue to cling to the straw of denying responsibility and refraining from facing the facts. That is why the Qatari officials' statements have not exceeded the phase of hallucinations starting since the announcement of actions by terrorism-combat quartet against terrorism financers and supporters.       

The Qatari discourse which repeats the same expression that (there are no proofs for the accusations made) reflects a state of hopelessness after absolute inability to refute facts by facts. In view of Doha's inability to find a way out of its dilemma, there is no option other than launching fierce campaigns against the four countries and their peoples in an attempt to distract attention away from Qatar's crisis. Qatar has preferred becoming a superpower in the terrorist camp to joining the counterterrorist countries calling for drying up the sources of terror.

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