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Weekly Umrah Index: 2,913,170 Umrah Visas Issued, 2,595,830 Umrah Performers Arrived, in Saudi Arabia

The official statistics of the Umrah Index revealed that 2,913,170 Umrah visas were issued, since the beginning of the Umrah season for this year, Muharram 1, 1441 AH until Jumada Al-Awwal 22, 1441 AH.

The index showed that Umrah performers entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia diversified between all ports, as 2,437,148 individuals arrived through the airports, and 147,965 through land ports, while 10,717 arrived through the seaports.

The most nationalities of Umrah performers are as the following order: Pakistan 601,880, Indonesia 537,894, India 307,066, Egypt 156,492, Malaysia 130,949, Turkey 110,738906, Bangladesh 97,767, Algeria 94,417, UAE 57,730 and Jordan 52,175.

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