New York
Fake Saudi prince expected to serve lengthy prison sentence

A South Florida man has pleaded guilty to impersonating a member of Saudi Arabia's royal family after he assumed a false identity and swindled investors out of millions of dollars.
Anthony Gignac, 47, used various aliases and drove a Ferrari with fake diplomatic license plates — purchased on eBay — to maintain the ruse, according to prosecutors.
Gignac,  who was born in Colombia, was adopted by an American couple from Michigan.
He made up stories as a kid, telling his classmates he was the son of actor Dom DeLuise — which wasn't true.
He began impersonating a member of the Saudi royal family in the 1990s, the Miami Herald reported.
He is expected to face a lengthy prison sentence, prosecutors said.
He allegedly used his fake royal identity to secure millions of dollars from investors for non-existent business opportunities.
The fraudster tried to buy a Miami hotel.
His sentencing is scheduled for Aug, 7.

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