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Global and regional CX community reconnects at E3 Customer Experience Conference in Riyadh

Under the theme, ‘Making customer centricity your game changer’, The E3 Customer Experience conference has kicked off its 2nd edition on Tuesday, 7th of June at the InterContinental Riyadh. 

The 2-day conference was set to explore winning CX strategies, new technologies and tools designed to empower Saudi Arabia’s CX transformation agenda in alignments with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 agenda, advocating the boom of customer-centric businesses as it calls upon a diversified smart economy for the future.

Here is Riyadh Daily’s exclusive interview with Stefan Osthaus, President & Founder of Customer Institute in Germany and one of the speakers of the conference. 

Stefan Osthaus

1. Why did you participate in the E3 Customer Service conference? What is the nature of your participation? 

Number one. Participating in the E3 customer experience conference in Riyadh is a unique opportunity to advance this important business category in this region. I came here, because of the GCC region in general and the kingdom in particular are leading innovative regions when it comes to Citizen experience, customer experience, and employee experience. It is great to exchange ideas, hear about the progress organizations are making in the region, and listen to the latest trends.

2. E3 CX conference provided a valuable chance to bring together global and regional customer experience leaders. In your opinion, how would this experience reflect on transforming the customer experience field in the region?

Item number two. The fact that E3 customer experience conference comes to Riyadh is not only testament to the importance of this region, but also advances the level of customer centricity by bringing such a large number of experts together. The amount of exchange between speakers, audience, sponsors, and other contributors allows the whole customer centricity community in this region to leap forward more than they could without this conference.

3. Why is enhancing customer experience crucial for companies?

Question number three. Advancing customer experience is a crucial element for organizations in the business to business, business to consumer, as well as public sector. By now it is common knowledge, that the business impact for those organizations who excel at customer centricity rewards organizations for the effort in the space. It is exciting to see, how this region is leading in the space, particularly when it comes to citizen experience.

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