By Mofdy Al-Khamsany - Riyadh
Muslim Brotherhood plot to carry terror attacks in Makkah exposed

A terrorist plot by the Muslim Brotherhood against a leader and military personnel in Makkah has been exposed after investigations against two Egyptians working at a hotel in the holy city.
The two suspects admitted that plans were laid down to assassinate a royal leader as well as other key Arab and military personnel, besides foreigners in Jeddah. There were also plans to steal the weapons belonging to VIPs staying in the hotel to carry out the assassinations.
The concerned district court has delivered the charges against the first accused. He is an Egyptian born in 1982, with nine crimes recorded against him. They include supporting the terrorist organizations, Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood, planning to target a member of the royal family, some Arab leaders and military commanders belonging to an Arab country, and plotting with another person, currently under arrest in Egypt, to murder a number of foreigners at a hotel in Jeddah.
The charges also include plans to steal weapons belonging to important figures visiting the hotel and use them to assassinate VIPs and foreigners in Saudi Arabia. He is also accused of making explosives for terrorist operations inside the Kingdom.
The charges also revealed that the first accused had traveled to Egypt to receive training on using weapons, making explosives and carrying out terrorist attacks in the Kingdom. The man arrested in Egypt had provided him the contact details of a person to help him with these operations.
He smuggled an SD card in the Kingdom with recordings of lessons to make explosives and use them in terrorist attacks inside the country. The explosives were to be delivered to the person currently under arrest in Egypt.
The charges against the second accused, an Egyptian born in 1980 and working as head of the internal supervision section at the hotel, included supporting Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood and plotting with another person, under arrest in Egypt, to target the minister of interior of an Arab country during his stay in a hotel in Makkah. He also received training in Egypt on making explosives and using weapons for terrorist attacks in the Kingdom. He also sheltered the person arrested in Egypt without reporting him to the security authorities.
The general prosecutor called for severe sentences against the accused.

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