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Deliberate Act

The world is still living in a state of panic as a result of the spread of the new Corona virus. All countries have taken strict preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease on a larger scale. Events with human gatherings were canceled, the study was suspended, and travel to countries that witnessed the epidemic more than others was banned. 

The reception of citizens of these countries has been stopped. All these precautionary measures help prevent the spread of the epidemic from which most of the countries of the world have not been spared.

The Kingdom is one of the least countries wherein this disease has spread. The preventive decisions taken had a positive effect on the safety of society. These decisions were taken quickly, and so they were directly effective in protecting the homeland, citizen and resident. 

These decisions, with their protective measures, helped undermine the spread of the disease in a country with the size of a continent with many terrestrial, air and marine outlets. Yet, the measures - thank God - have paid off, as they were realistic and effective, to which the society responded as they were taken to protect it from this disease.

On the other side, we see Iran, where the epidemic has spread, is unable to combat it, because its health system is dilapidated, and its regime's decisions never serve the interests of the Iranian people at all levels. 

Not only did the Iranian regime make Iran a focal point of the epidemic worldwide, but it also deliberately contributed to the spread of the epidemic into neighboring countries. Most of the cases in the Gulf countries originate from Iran, which deliberately does not stamp the passports of those arriving in it, which helps spread the virus throughout the world. In addition to being rogue, Iran has become a country that intends to spread this epidemic, as well as intending to spread terrorism in the world.

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