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Chairman of the Arab Human Rights Committee Denounces Statements Of Canadian Foreign Ministry

The Chairman of Arab Human Rights Committee (Arab Charter Committee for
Human Rights) of the Arab League, Advisor Mohamed Jumaa Fazie, has
denounced the statements made by the Canadian Foreign Ministry on what
it called "civil society activists, stressing that the Kingdom is the
only Arab country approved the Statute of the Arab Court of Human Rights
Human so far.

He said in a statement that he followed with great surprise the
Canadian Foreign Minister's false stance towards the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia as a former diplomat and he has denounced such stance towards the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is totally ruled out from the rules of
dealing between countries which have a basic rule in the international
law stipulates that non- interference in internal affairs, and
commitment to mutual respect among nations. "

He stressed that speech of the Canadian Foreign Ministry is totally
unacceptable and unjustified, pointing out that the Kingdom as a country
has its sovereignty, regulations and legislations and no one can
dictate what it should do and not to do, and each country has its own
priorities and conditions which must be respected.

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