Qatari money fails to lure tribal fighters to prop up failing Houthi forces

The recent battlefront victories of the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces are giving the jitters to the Qatari regime. What is aggravating the regime’s nervousness is the refusal on the part of Yemeni tribes to send their family members to the frontlines which have become graveyards for those who have been already lured to the battlefield.
Qatar has poured huge sums of money to buy tribal support for the Iran-allied Houthi militias who are fighting against the coalition-supported legitimate forces. Informed sources have revealed that Doha is trying to re-energize the Houthi militias that are facing imminent defeat. Qatari intelligence agents are working to muster tribal support for the Houthis in the northern tribal areas after the militias have failed in their efforts to attract new fighters. The regime tried to use its money power but has failed as well.
The sources added that Qatar has sent huge amounts of money through Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood figures in Doha to a number of sheikhs and provincial chiefs in Sanaa, Dhamar and Amran in return for new fighters. These fighters are to be stationed in the West Coast fronts that have been witness to bitter fighting and Houthi losses since the launch of a military operation to liberate Taiz regions last month.
The sources added that the funds to the tribal leaders are routed through Dhamar, but are no longer able to lure any new fighters to prop up the weakening Houthis militias.

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