MWL continues relief programs in African Continent

The Muslim World League (MWL) has recently completed the implementation of the Cardiac Catheterization Program in a number of African countries after the medical team has succeeded in conducting more than 90 surgeries for adults over five days.
An elite of consultants and doctors participated in the program, carried out by the International Organization of Relief, Welfare and Development (IORWD) of the (MWL), to help poor patients who cannot pay for this expensive surgical operation as one heart catheterization costs over $ 10,000 .
The Secretary General of (IORWD) Dr. Abdulaziz Sarhan said that the program and other activities of (MWL) represent an extension of the contributions of (IORWD) in various countries of the world without discrimination, and the most important programs are health programs such as blindness control, open-heart surgeries and cardiac catheterization for children.
Dr. Sarhan confirmed that the efforts of MWL has been appreciated and respected by the beneficiaries and officials and they expressed their thanks for these efforts that have been exerted for them in their countries. He added that all the programs of (MWL) and (IORWD) are done with the competent government authority in each country and the work is under their supervision and support.

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