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Defenders of Iran

With the introduction of the second tranche of US sanctions on the Iranian regime tomorrow, the administration of President Donald Trump has fulfilled its promise to correct the catastrophic mistake of his predecessor, Barack Obama, by signing that fragile of the nuclear deal with Iran.
The new phase of sanctions, described as the strongest in history, means preventing all foreign countries and companies from entering the US market if they continue to buy the Iranian oil and deal with Iranian banks. This procedure would deprive the mullahs of revenues used in the industry of death and spread of destruction in the world, rather than devoting them for development projects in their country and saving their collapsed economy, a matter which negatively reflected on the Iranian society which has about 60% of its members living under the poverty level.
As expected, and ahead of the application of the new sanctions, European countries have fought to throw the torches of defending democracy and human rights behind their backs and hastened to denounce the US sanctions which deprive the US companies of the proceeds of those deals offered by Iran, rewarding them for persuading Obama to sign a deal that grants Tehran the go-ahead to continue its expansionist schemes aimed at dominating the region and its projects to finance terrorism and to develop its military capability.
The current tensions taking place in the international arena among the key players may explain the strange European behavior, which is accompanied by agitation among the Democrats in the US Congress towards the Kingdom. They see that pressure on President Donald Trump started from Riyadh and that the best way to defend Iran is to attack the Kingdom.
This explanation may be logical, especially when we calmly read that convulsive language by European and American capitals and political figures who laid blame on the Kingdom and demanded sanctions on it after the murder of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, pre-empting the truth in their organized political and media campaigns, even the results of investigations that The Kingdom has commenced and announced its commitment to uncover the truth and its determination to hold accountable all those involved.
The moral fallout of these parties goes beyond reason. No one would have imagined that business interests would make those who have established themselves as sponsors of democracy and defenders of human rights defenders in the world, forget the long chain of the Iranian regime's crimes against humanity.

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