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Phenomenal Leaps

The Kingdom's economy is achieving phenomenal leaps, which make it a global economy that influences its regional and international surroundings, and contributes to determining the compass of the global economy, its priorities and programs. 

These leaps would not have been achieved on the ground, had it not been for the programs announced by the Kingdom's Vision 2030 more than three years ago, and obligated everyone to implement them. 

It promised - at that time - that these programs would transform the leadership of the national economy from the “fluctuating” energy sector into a package of sustainable economic sectors able to enhance the benefit of the homeland and the citizen.

Some may think that our testimony is biased to the national economy, but when a financial institution, with the weight of the World Bank Group, confirms the growing pace of the Saudi economy year after year, this is the biggest evidence of the successes of the Vision, and its correct goals and endeavors. 

The World Bank Group said it expects to rise in the growth rates of the Saudi economy to 1.9 percent in 2020, then to 2.2 percent in 2021, and up to 2.4 percent in 2022. 

This is a clear message that the pace of growth of the national economy has followed an upward curve, and it continues to go upward, and will never stop, until the Vision achieves its goals of progress and development.

The leaps in the national economy march are given the most prominent title: "the growth of non-oil sectors" in the country, due to the support that these leaps received from the wise government. 

They proved their feasibility in the national economy system, and that they can make the difference required in increasing the country's national income, as well as the ability to secure jobs for young men and women. 

There are non-oil sectors that have proven their success and occupied their place in the ranking of economic sectors, most notably retail, financial services, and insurance, real estate and business services. 

There is also a noticeable improvement in the industrial sector, indicated by the increase in the entry of foreign investments in the financial and industrial markets, in addition to the entertainment sector which will be a great and strong tributary for diversifying the non-oil income sources in the Kingdom.

The achievements of the Saudi economy in the time of the Vision, has always assured the hearts of citizens dreaming of a strong homeland rich in its resources, youth and leadership. 

It has also created optimism among investors inside and abroad, and assured them that their savings and investments are safe and able to grow and increase in an ideal economic environment. Tomorrow, there will be more positive and promising results for the march of this economy.

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