Madinah - SPA
Intensified Preventive Measures to Preserve Worshippers’ Health at Prophet's Holy Mosque

The General Presidency Agency of the Prophet's Holy Mosque Affairs has intensified its procedures to preserve public health and follow up on worshippers' commitment to preventive and precautionary procedures, adhering to wearing masks, applying physical distancing among queues and applying preventive guidelines, so that worshippers can perform prayers in a safe and health environment.

At the same time, the Laboratory Directorate at the agency takes samples from the carpet, barriers, pillars, Holy Quran drawers, chairs, and other locations to be tested at the lab, where more than 400 samples are taken on a daily basis to check on the level of cleanliness of surfaces and places and ensure that the place is safe.

The agency has recently opened the mosque's roof with the aim of facilitating procedures for worshippers, amidst intensified preventive measures.

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