KSMC Head of blood bank Dr. Ibrahim Al Deaile ,center, is See with TNTJ volunteers .

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Expats donate blood for Haj pilgrims

Expatriates in the capital donated 138 pints of blood on Friday to help the Haj pilgrims this year.

Organized by the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) Riyadh Chapter , its 82nd Blood Donation Camp in coordination with King Saud Medical City (KSMC) was held at the Hospital compound on Friday 

A total of  154 Donor's registered out of which 138 units were collected for the purpose. The camp got wide response from the donors in which peoples from Tamil Nadu, neighboring states and Saudi Arabia formed the huge turn out.

Riyadh Chapter TNTJ Blood Donation Campaign Coordinator Raisul Kamal said : "TNTJ conducting Blood donations regularly in co-ordination with KSMC and King Fahd Medical City (KFMC ) Hospital for the last 15 years and so far, we have conducted 81 camps. "

Further, TNTJ donors organizes every year campaign especially for the requirement of Haj and Umrah pilgrims during he respective seasons. 

In recognition of TNTJ Voluntary Donation Camps, the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia has awarded a number of awards every year during International Blood Donors day. By the grace of almighty Allah, Riyadh TNTJ chapter continues to be highest number of voluntary blood Donors for the last 15 years continuously, he added.

KSMC Head of blood bank Dr. Ibrahim Al Deaile provided full support to TNTJ volunteers and thanked TNTJ organizers for organizing such kind of noble work continuously.

Riyadh TNTJ President Haja Mohaideen said, TNTJ organizes voluntary blood donation campaign according to the verse of noble Qur’an Chapter 5 verse 32 “Whoever saves a life will be as if he has saved entire mankind” and he said further, our organization regularly conducts such camps across Gulf chapters as well. We hope that, such camps gives an opportunity to understand true teachings of Islam and create social harmony among religion and razes hatred against Muslim and Islam specially.

According to a royal decree issued in 1984, the Ministry of Health does not import blood. They are collected from residents and citizens, who voluntarily and regularly donate blood.

The 20 health directorates in the Kingdom make their own arrangements with the blood donors to contribute to this worthy cause.

An official from the Health Ministry said it has adequate stock of  blood to help the Haj pilgrims this year. He added that Friday’s blood donation campaign is part of its contingency plan to stock more blood to provide services to the guests of Allah.

Donating blood is a fast and simple procedure. Blood donors can donate up to 450 ml of blood (one unit) every two and half to three months. This amount is small, given that the body contains five to six liters (10 to 12 units) of blood. The full blood donation procedure takes not more than 30 minutes.

There are a number of different blood types: O positive and negative, A positive and negative, B positive and negative, AB positive and negative. Distribution may be different for specific racial and ethnic groups, but in an emergency, anyone can receive type O negative red blood cells. People with type O blood are known as universal donors, and those with type AB blood are known as universal recipients.

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