Riyadh Daily
Reforms for the future

Saudi Arabia has been undergoing unprecedented structural reforms since King Salman’s accession to the throne. The reforms are so significant that observers and the foreign media are referring to Saudi Arabia as the “New Kingdom” and the “Future Kingdom.”
The wheels of reforms have never ceased to move forward. They have already resulted in several noteworthy achievements. Among the important reforms is the one that brought down the number of supervisory councils to two. This enabled speedy accomplishment of tasks and the preventing of conflicts of authority among the various governmental bodies. Additionally, any performance deficiencies are promptly rectified.
Many governmental organs were so mired in bureaucracy that they could not accomplish timely delivery of developmental projects. Productivity was low, achievement was slow and performance was poor. Red tapism was rampant, resulting in delays and inaction. The much needed culture of creativity was nonexistent at work.  
The latest of these structural changes is the formation of the Culture Ministry to be entrusted with affairs related to cultural activities. Likewise, the Royal Commission for Makkah and the Holy Shrines was formed, besides the Council for Royal Reserves and the Council for the Jeddah Historical Project.
Several new appointments to leading positions have also been made, reflecting the King’s determination to go ahead with reforms to empower the young generation to participate in the process of planning for the present and the future.

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