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Enhancing Women's Role

Islam has given women equal rights that are rare, if not absent, and has placed duties on them just as equal as those placed on men, commensurate with their physiological nature. Women's rights are ensured by Islam in all walks of life, and our Islamic history is rich in bright models that have been positive throughout ages to the very moment.

The Kingdom is taking confident steps to update its regulations in accordance with the Islamic Law. The Kingdom has been through a campaign of legal reforms and cultural changes that is the largest in its modern history in a move towards the future, keeping up with all its requirements. 

We have gone a long way with realizing these requirements especially related to women who make up half of the society, whether as housewives or as active members in the action system in the public and private sectors. 

Thus, it was necessary to give women the power to make a decision in relation to their affairs and personal status without being under the guardianship of anyone, according to the Islamic texts. 

Besides, the Prophetic biography is full of positions in which women were overwhelming.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not decline working for Lady Khadija before the rise of Islam. Rather, she, Allah be pleased with her, was the first to support and advocate his call for Islam. 

The Holy Qur'an has come to confirm Islam's support for women and advocacy of her rights and status, a matter which we do not observe in any community.

The royal amendments have been issued to enhance the role of women in the society and ensure their equal rights with their male counterparts in a comprehensive realization of the principle of equal opportunities. 

Women should take their chances to achieve self-fulfillment. We must give them their full rights under the Islamic Law and its rules. This is what our Kingdom has done in order to realize social justice and equal rights and duties.

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