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Shared Duty

Wherever the Iranian regime pokes its nose, fires occur, destruction is rife and the smell of death spreads. Perhaps there is only the mullahs' state whose evils stretches in today's world. Unlike past regimes, Iran makes little effort to mask its role in fueling strife and sponsoring terrorism. Its role is evident to all in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, even deep in the forests of Africa and in the castles of the European democracy.

In this vein, the bloody escalation of the Taliban in Afghanistan has come recently through several bombings and suicide operations, which claimed the lives of dozens of civilians. 

It would not seem strange if we know that this horrific campaign followed on the heels of a visit by a Taliban delegation to Tehran. 

The Velâyat-e Faqih trades only in chaos and killing of the hopes of peace, and civil unrest is the only commodity that it spreads in the world.

Thus, it seems quite unfathomable or unacceptable to approach the Saudi-Iranian conflict as a political rivalry or a conflict of interests, or even to grant it a fabricated sectarian dimension. It is a conflict between the concept of a state and the concept of a militia, a conflict between the tendency for stability and development and the tendency for chaos and wars, which is the core conflict. 

Under this concept, it is not logical to view the confrontation between the Kingdom and the mullahs regime as a bilateral battle between two different parties, as it is the battle of the whole world. The international community has clearly sensed this meaning through the aggressive operation that targeted the oil facilities and its repercussions on the global economy, which was almost serious had not been for the strength of Saudi Aramco and the tremendous logistics capabilities of the Kingdom.

When the Kingdom sends a message to the United Nations declaring that it is dealing with an organized terrorist attack, it confirms that the battle is not its battle only, but the battle of all.

Those who reduce the conflict into its bilateral frame, shirk their duty against the Iranian arrogance and its terrorist arms, and justify the aggressive behavior of the Khamenei regime.

Although the Kingdom is capable of repelling the Iranian aggression and defending its people and interests, as asserted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince, and that its actions against Iran and its militias have made it a spearhead in the face of Iran's terrorism, but everyone should be aware that curbing the mullahs' regime is the duty of all and not of the Kingdom alone.

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