Abdulrahman Al Otaibi
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It is given that continuous education and learning is a lifelong endeavor. Your perception of your surroundings, the circumstances and decision you make are influenced by the things you know. Refining and channeling the sources of your knowledge and experience will have positive impact on the quality of your life.

Today, more than ever, access to knowledge is available from an array of resources for those who are curious about something, for educators to provide resources to their students, for specialists who wants to get better at what they do, and for those who want to change their careers. Formal educational degrees are crucial when it comes to building the knowledge foundation of a certain field. It can be achieved while on the job, and regardless of your age, in the form of part time or external studies.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, individuals can enroll in evening or external studies in various degree and majors for a reasonable tuition fees. Example of the institutions that provide such options are The Technical Colleges and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

Academic studies for working individuals are also available from a number of institutions across the kingdom to support external students in their undergraduate programs. Post graduate programs are also available from public and private institutions offering evening and or weekend classes for those who which to invest in their long-term careers.

Second language capability is essential and widely offered by private institutions. Different learning methods are employed, yet, continuity to highest level available is key aspect to success. It is worth mentioning that most language schools limited their offering to basic and intermediate levels due to the lack of candidates enrolling in advanced levels. With this in mind, your chances of carrying on to an advanced level of language can be achieved in institutions where the study method is blended learning (classes and self-study) as such method doesn’t require a minimum number of enrollments to open a class. Carrying on to an advanced level will reinforce language proficiency and fluency. Second language capability allows you to connect with other cultures and provides you with enormous opportunities.

Professional certifications are there to allow individuals worldwide to prove mastery of their occupations. for almost every profession, there is a certification or license to be perused and vouch for the competency of its holder once he or she fulfill the requirements.

These requirements usually revolve around examinations and experience. Tremendous rewards can be gained from being certified, among which the network of professional societies, employment, business and continuous education that keeps you current in your field.

Recently, the Saudi the Human Resources Development Fund introduced the Professional Certificates Support Program which aims to encourage nationals to obtain professional certificates in areas required in the Saudi labor market. In this initiative, HRDF will refund the beneficiaries for the training costs and the tests fees after gaining the certification.

In addition to the qualifications, short courses, seminars and e-Learning are available to aid individuals with fundamental knowledge about certain areas or to keep concerns audience current and increase their awareness. These opportunities are offered via local and international entities such as business support organizations, education and training institutions, as well as scientific and professional associations.

Some of these courses are offered for fees, and or, limited to certain audience in a geographical location. Examples of notable recent initiatives that provided the general public in the region with free specialty online training is Google “Maharat“, which offers 26 core topics in digital marketing.

Also, with more verity of topics, the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund lunched Doroob e-Learning platform which contains more than 100 courses in various fields accredited by top employers in the Kingdom.

Independently, you can educate yourself via printed or audio books which allow you to cover wider knowledge. An ocean of books available from online or regular bookstores worldwide. For every topic, hundreds of authors attempted on finding a better way to explain and illustrate. Specialized publications, magazines, papers, websites and podcasts are great variation to support your ongoing learning journey. It is established that there are immense of ways in which you can realize your aspiration, yet, research and critical thinking abilities are quintessential to growth and prosperity.

*Abdulrahman Saleh Alotaibi

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