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Saudi culture today is based on solid foundations, aiming to consolidate the aspirations and goals of the comprehensive change journey, at an accelerated and thoughtful pace, which gives a general impression that the Kingdom is determined to achieve everything it seeks, and all that it promises in Vision 2030. 

This scene is embodied in the recent royal orders to approve the establishment of eleven new authorities that reformulate and consolidate the culture of the Saudi society, by reorienting it to areas that should be given attention in the next stage.

The eleven authorities are part of the new identity of the Ministry of Culture. They are an essential part of the ambitious national transformation that the Kingdom is adopting. In addition, Vision 2030 states that "culture" is a component of the quality of life, and confirms the Kingdom's need to increase its cultural activity and its diversity and inclusiveness. 

The list of new authorities includes: Literature, Publishing and Translation, Fashion, Film, Heritage, Architecture and Design, Visual Arts, Museums, Theater and Performing Arts, Libraries, Music and Culinary Arts. 

This indicates real and comprehensive diversity in the cultural aspirations of the Saudi society, and its desire to be more effective and vital in areas that did not get due attention and care before. It also indicates that the Kingdom is determined to compensate for what it missed in these areas by establishing authorities, each of them has its general legal personality and financial and administrative independence. 

The role of these authorities is focused on developing the areas that fall under their specialization, according to a specific time frame, and in light of the major goals set by the Ministry of Culture's vision and orientations document.

By creating these authorities and defining their goals and mechanisms of work, the Saudi culture is living today its golden age, armed with the desire for comprehensive development in the various cultural fields, a matter which creates a creative environment that stimulates creativity and contributes to its growth, and opens new windows for creative energies for the interested.

Today, we can see early indicators of the success of these authorities and their ability to achieve all their goals in a short period and with precise mechanisms, especially if we know that the Saudi society has a creative and ambitious generation of both sexes in various cultural and creative fields. 

This generation is able to translate their goals and aspirations and reach the farthest point of self-affirmation and to consolidate success through renewed determination and an ambitious desire to make real change.

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