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The Big 5 Global Exhibition will open its doors tomorrow in Dubai, showcasing everything to be expected on the opening day

The Big 5 Global Exhibition, the leading event in the construction industry in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, will open its doors for its 44th edition on December 4 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, continuing until December 7. The exhibition features eight specialized shows, including Big 5 Heavy, Middle East Concrete, Windows Doors & Facades, Gulf Glass, HVAC R, Middle East Stone, Urban Design & Landscape Expo, and FM EXPO.

With over 2,200 exhibitors from more than 60 countries participating in the exhibition, presenting the latest innovations and technologies in the construction industry. The exhibition also provides opportunities for exhibitors to build new partnerships and facilitate business deals. Prominent exhibitors representing 23 countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, and China, are taking part.

On the opening day, new products and live demonstrations are launched, turning the participating companies into platforms for innovation and showcasing the latest technologies, including the launch of large electric drilling devices and innovative drilling machines.

The Big 5 Talks, exclusively held on the first day, offer accredited free courses for continuous professional development, with live sessions related to concrete and advanced construction techniques. The exhibition lasts for four days, providing an opportunity for over 68,000 participants from more than 150 countries to interact with the latest construction products and technologies. Organizers note that the event is open to industry professionals, and visitors can register through the event's website: www.big5global.com.

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