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Senior Scholars Council: Canadian Stance Is Blatant Intervention to Influence Criminal Justice System in Saudi Arabia

The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars (CSC) has affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fully sovereign and derives its ruling from the holy Quran and Prophetic Sunnah on the basis of justice promoting national unity and preventing all that leads to sedition, strife and division in addition to protecting human rights by the State in accordance with the Islamic law and providing security for all its citizens and residents on its territory without restricting, arresting or imprisoning any person due to its actions except by the law.
"The judiciary in the Kingdom is an independent authority, and nobody has an authority upon judges other than the authority of the Islamic law. No one shall be allowed to challenge judicial verdicts demanding the release of an accused under investigation in accordance with the regulations of the Public Prosecution or of those who have received effective judicial verdicts that come into effect and we confirm, in this regard, that the Canada's position which is considered as a blatant interference to influence the criminal justice system is being rejected by the Saudi people as firmly and forcefully rejected by its wise leadership," the General Secretariat said.
It also added that the Kingdom has been and was still going on taking all measures to ensure social peace, countering crime and achieving justice and it is keen on realizing that in full respect for rights and dignity of man, as stipulated by its applicable law and regulations and will maintain its sovereignty and defend its territories and values.

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