Riyadh Daily
Mullah menace

The destructive role being played by Iran in many Muslim countries cannot be covered up by deceptive religious slogans raised frequently by the bloody regime.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is seeking to hoodwink the entire Muslim world by calling for Islamic unity and scientific advancement. The regime is known for taking recourse to religious sloganeering whenever it is pushed to a corner. In the end, its primary goal is to export the Khomeinian revolution across the region through violent means.
Of course, Khamenei’s statements cannot be taken seriously. His militias are spreading the seeds of discord in Lebanon by announcing that Beirut has joined Shiite forces. In Yemen, the Iranian-backed Houthis are creating an environment of sectarianism, justifying the killing of whoever opposes Iran’s policies or calls for national unity.
It is indeed ironical that Khamenei calls on Muslims to focus on scientific advancement when his own countrymen are facing untold economy hardships. The cases of suicide and drug addiction have increased considerably, and poverty and joblessness is rampant – due to a lack of scientific advancement! 
Even the areas occupied by Iran in Lebanon and Yemen are facing similar situations. Crime and illiteracy are widespread.
Iran’s pet refrain is that Muslims are suffering from a series of serious problems. However, the fact remains that Iran itself is the problem, creating chaos wherever the mullahs seek to expand their influence.

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