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Saudi Press: The Kingdom's Principles in Providing Energy

Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.

Al-Riyadh newspaper said in its editorial titled "The Kingdom's Principles in Providing Energy" that the Kingdom is responsible for stabilizing the world oil markets, a role played by Riyadh decades ago, due to the fact that it is in line with principles and values it has declared and committed to the world by securing energy for all mankind in order to promote global growth and prosperity and peoples living in lasting peace and stability.

The paper stressed the Kingdom's keenness on the stability of the oil markets in the midst of the US sanctions imposed on Iran's oil, pushing it to closely monitor the recent developments that resulted in the sudden rise in oil prices, where the Kingdom reassured the world and stressed that this rise is absolutely unjustified in the light of current market balances, which are still good, and in light of the high level of commitment by member states oil producing countries within OPEC + Group.

Okaz newspaper said in its editorial on Sudan that life in Sudan began to return slowly to a number of streets in the capital Khartoum yesterday, especially shops, fuel supply stations, and public transport buses, but this shy return coincided with reinforcements of security by the Governing Council that stressed the need to open the roads, holding "The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change," which lead the protest, responsible for what the Council described as "unfortunate events" caused by the irrational practices of the so-called resistance committees in neighborhoods.

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