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Trading In Palestinian Cause

Since the US president announced his plan for peace in the Middle East and opinions about it have been both for and against, some view it as an opportunity for the peace that has not been achieved despite the many initiatives put forward over the past seventy years, and that have always been faced with Israeli intransigence in service of Israel's interests only, without regard to the interests or the historical rights of the Palestinians.

What really complicate matters more is those who trade in the Palestinian cause to achieve political gains and positions that are far from reality. Among those positions is that one of the Turkish president on the US peace plan. The Turkish position came similar to previous positions defending the Palestinian cause in public while working to strengthen relations with Israel in secret, in an extension of a history full of contradictions and invested positions, to show that Turkey sides by the Palestinian cause wholeheartedly, while it actually has more than one close relationship with Israel. Turkey is the first Islamic country to recognize Israel in 1949, and Israel is deemed one of the five most important markets for the Turkish products. In 2016, the trade exchanges between the two countries amounted to more than USD 4.2 billion, and increased by 14% in 2017. Moreover, Turkey is the second country after the United States to embrace the largest weapons factories for the Israeli army. Besides, members the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) rejected to a draft resolution put forward by the opposition to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) to cancel all agreements concluded with Israel.

In this spirit, the Turkish president does not have the right to appear as a defender of the Palestinian cause while his country establishes close strategic relations with the Israeli government, and these relations do not seem to be unchangeable.

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