Riyadh - SPA
SPA President Receives Chairman and Members of Culture, Media, Tourism and Heritage Committee of Shura Council

Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussain, President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), received here today Chairman of the Culture, Media, Tourism and Heritage Committee of the Shura Council Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Haizan and members of the committee, in presence of SPA Vice President Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Awad and Directors of the SPA Departments.

At the outset of the meeting, the SPA President welcomed the chairman and members of the Culture, Media, Tourism and Heritage Committee of the Shura Council, expressing appreciation for great efforts exerted by the Shura Council in developing and introducing many legislations and laws that have contributed to achieve many national gains, especially the positive roles played by the committee in developing the relevant fields.

Al-Hussain highlighted the SPA's establishment in 30th, December, 1970, pointing out that the SPA, within 50 years, has witnessed various phases to cope with the latest developments in the media, whether in its technological or technical tools.

He added that the agency is committed to the standards of reliability and credibility in the content industry in order to ensure that the Kingdom’s message is transmitted to the world, disclosing that the SPA is currently transmitting in six languages, including Arabic, English, French, Russian, Chinese, and Persian. Al-Hussain affirmed that the agency has launched six accounts on Twitter in Arabic language in various domains in addition to three English, French and Persian Twitter accounts, adding that the SPA has accounts in Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Al-Hussain affirmed that the SPA, as the official media institution of the state, is keen to keep abreast of the new in the world of information and communication technology in addition to develop its tools to reach recipients inside and outside the Kingdom with ease, affirming that the agency has worked to enhance its media presence in all national, regional and international forums in addition to exchange experiences with the governmental and academic bodies to consolidate its media roles in accordance with the Kingdom Vision 2030.

Abdullah Al-Hussain highlighted the SPA's file to cover the works of the G20 Summit to be hosted by the Kingdom in Riyadh within one year beginning from December, 2019 until 21, November, 2020.

The SPA President stressed that such visits contribute to benefiting from the qualitative experiences of the Shura Council, particularly in the fields of media, culture and thinking, in addition to unifying visions in various fields to enhance the success of the SPA media work at various levels.

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