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Core Cause

Saudi leadership reiterated that the Kingdom sides with Palestine and the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people to the establishment of their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital. It is the constant Saudi position that advocates the core cause of the Arabs.

History is the mirror that accurately reflects the Kingdom's support to the Palestinian cause and people. It has never been involved in maneuverings or squabbles despite the desperate attempts of some parties to question the constant Saudi position.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the Kingdom's supportive positions towards Palestine, a matter which confirms that the Palestinian cause tops the priority of Saudi interest.

The Arab affair and the coordination of its own positions towards Palestine were on a consistent path until the Iranian and other interventions began, trying to question the Arab position and seeking to sow a Palestinian-Palestinian dispute to make the Palestinian cause in a back position of Arab deliberation and to makes bridging the gap and undermining disputes as a matter of concern. This has been reflected by the Qatari funds for Hamas in Gaza. These funds are not provided by Doha as a donation, but in fact as a consolidation of the Palestinian division whose damage is mainly directed to the immolation of the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the Iranians deal with the Palestinian cause as it seems to be a gateway to try to have access into the Arab feelings and influence the Arab and Islamic public opinion which advocates the Palestinian people.

On the basis of its Arab and Islamic role and status, the Kingdom will never let an Arab issue to be turned into a political card that Iran or other seeks to tamper with.

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