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Series of crises

World's crises are incessant. It is as if we are on race towards abyss. Increasingly aggravated crises include North Korean nuclear crisis, Myanmar's Rohingya tragedy, Palestinian Question, Syrian and Yemeni crises and war against terrorism. They remain without realistic solutions
There is little role for United Nations as an organization concerned with the resolution of disputes and restoration of peace. The UN is unreliable because of an explicit deficiency in its structure and operation mechanisms governed always by Superpowers' own interests with the Superpowers seeking the required legitimacy for such interests. Therefore, the UN is not to blame because it is the weakest link in the international decision-making chain.
The Superpowers are primarily responsible and must assume their supposed international role by imposing peace, security and stability rather than making their own interests as their targeted objective even if it is at the expense of the other countries which constitute the majority.   
We are certainly against the North Korean nuclear tests leading to an unprecedented escalation of events which may result in nuclear war. North Korea has an outlawed daredevil ruler possessing nuclear power threatening the whole of the world. Therefore, he must be firmly confronted. Meanwhile, the Superpowers do not seem desirous of taking the required action against the savage ethnic cleansing campaign launched against the Muslim minority of helpless civilians in Burma under the so-called Rohingya crisis. Moreover, no sufficient attention is paid to the Syrian and Yemeni crises although the criminals and the victims are known.
New bases need be worked out for tackling international issues in compliance with the principles of truth, justice and equality. Stability can never prevail in the world now that there are double standards for dealing with international crises.

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