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New Sudan

The agreement reached in Sudan between the transitional military council and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change on the alternate presidency of the Sovereign Council opens the doors of hope for the Sudanese people to reach a political consensus that put things on the right track to help Sudan start a new era that brings back its luster, which has been lost over several eras when it did not play its natural role as an Arab country having human and natural resources without the best possible exploitation. Sudan is rich in human competencies in all areas, but the surrounding environment did not help it emerge, innovate and glamor. 

Besides, Sudan's natural resources are enormous to the extent of naming them as the (Arab food basket) in the agricultural field, in addition to the animal, mineral, plant, and water wealth.

Developments witnessed by Sudan over different eras have not had a positive impact on the Sudanese people, as they have hindered economic and social growth, progress and prosperity. 

This has been negative rather than being positive, in addition to the geographical location and natural and human They have not harnessed the human and economic capacities for Sudan to take its natural place in the Arab, African and international countries. Was supposed to be positive, in addition to the geographical location and human and natural potential. 

The political situation did not help the wheel of development rotate, as it swayed because of tension, pushing and shoving and marginalization with actors in the Sudanese society. Thus, there had to be a new movement taking Sudan from a stage to another that is more stable because political stability is the basis of any ongoing development process.

Sudan has entered a new consensus stage predicting that the future will be better than the past. The Sudanese people are called upon to support this stage which we hope it will be better than its predecessors.

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