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Prosperity of Citizen and Homeland

It has been five years since Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz came to power. They are years written with an ink of gold as it has brought a tremendous qualitative leap in the march of our country. It is a march that is full of giving that has made our homeland's pride and glory seen by everyone far and near. 

Our country has entered a new stage of development that works for the splendid present and sets a bright future, God willing, as a goal for our country to be at the forefront of the countries whose citizens enjoy well-being thanks to the extraordinary efforts on the ground.

King Salman has been working to make our country's progress and elevation. He is a high-calibre statesman who has been participating actively in building the Kingdom throughout various stages, and crystalizing all what we have accomplished by the might and grace of Allah Almighty. 

King Salman is the symbol of work, pride and loyalty, prioritizing everything related to the homeland and the citizen. 

King Salman always emphasizes the interest in the achievements of the homeland and the great responsibility in providing all means that make the life of citizens smoother and more prosperous. 

He says: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving towards achieving whatever that promotes the luxury of the citizen and the prosperity, progress, security and stability of the homeland, ensuring the convenience of citizens to fulfill the various requirements to ensure a decent life for them, God willing." 

This is the basis of the policy of our wise leadership that spares no efforts for us and to make the homeland assume its advanced position among the nations.

We will not be able to honor King Salman as he really deserves, no matter what we write about him. 

It is enough that he is the leader of the march of our blessed renaissance, which we experience in all its details and unprecedented political, economic, social and development achievements.

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