New area for nursing moms in KKIA

Mothers traveling through the Riyadh King Khalid International Airport will find feeding their children more comfortable with the Riyadh Airports Company's opening of a new area for nursing needs.
The company today announced that it has completed the establishment of a breastfeeding lounge to enable mothers traveling through KKIA to breastfeed their children.
The Riyadh Airports Co.is proud to dedicate breastfeeding places for the comfort of mothers.
The breastfeeding lounge offers child supplies and changing areas.
The lounge design took into consideration all nursing needs and appropriate environment for both mother and child.
Nursing moms can take advantage of the 24-hour nursery services.
This step aims to support the breastfeeding initiative organized by a number of local and international organizations, which seek to promote the concept of breastfeeding among mothers.
It is worth mentioning that Riyadh Airports Company manages and operates KKIA and has launched a series of services and development projects aimed at the comfort of passengers and in response to the growing growth in air traffic, cargo and passengers.

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