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Information on the Saudi humanitarian aid at the initial phase during the period from (2007-2017) and part of the second phase with ten-year duration from (1996-2006)

Since its inception, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been providing humanitarian, developmental and charitable aid to various countries around the world without discrimination on religion, race or country basis.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been one of the top ten countries around the world providing cash and in-kind aid in the form of humanitarian and charitable grants and soft loans with the aim of promoting development in the developing states.
The total amount has reached more than SR 122 billion "equivalent to more than USD 32 billions" and the number of the humanitarian projects has reached 999 projects in 78 countries implemented by 150 partners from international, UN and national organizations and governments of recipient states.
The Saudi aid have covered ten humanitarian, development and charitable sectors which are "emergency humanitarian relief assistance, education, health and water, public health, transport, religious and social charities, energy generation and supply, agriculture, energy and other varied sectors".
The Saudi projects have been distributed to five continents: Asia with USD 21.040 billion, namely 66.33%, of the total aid, followed by Africa with USD 9.76 billion, namely 30.76%, followed by Europe with USD 379.0 million, namely 1.19%, followed by North America with USD 376.3 million, namely 1.19%. , followed by Europe and Central Asia with USD 170.3 million, namely 0.54%.
The Kingdom's financial contributions to the UN organizations, international bodies and regional development, humanitarian and charitable funds have amounted to 489 financial contributions with SR 3.49 billion "equivalent to USD 929 million".
The contributions are distributed across three sectors: the budget, the general programs for funds and developmental bodies, and finally the emergency humanitarian relief assistance to the UN organizations, international bodies, and religious and social charitable works by the international and regional bodies.
The top ten countries that have received the Saudi humanitarian, developmental and charitable aid in forms of grants and soft loans are: Yemen, where total aid amounted to USD 13.37 billion for 285 projects, followed by the Syrian Arab Republic with USD 2.35 billion for 95 projects, followed by Egypt with USD 1.84 billion for 20 projects, followed by Niger with USD 1.32 billion for 7 projects followed by Mauritania with USD 1.22 billion for 14 projects, followed by Afghanistan with USD 567.1 million for 29 projects, followed by China with USD 549.9 million for 10 projects, followed by Pakistan with USD 521.9 million For 108 projects, followed by Jordan with USD 516.9 million for 11 projects, followed by Tunisia with USD 514.2 million for 9 projects, and the rest of the aid have been distributed to 68 countries around the world.

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