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Development of Cultural Affairs

The wise leadership believes in the central importance of the cultural sector in the Kingdom, its role in promoting social and economic development, its role in improving the quality of life, preserving the identity and history and consolidating the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the Kingdom as well as the Kingdom's contributions in extending bridges of cognitive and human communication with other civilizations and nations.
Hence, it was not surprising that His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, met in Old Jeddah with a group of Saudi intellectuals to listen to their views and suggestions with regard to enriching the cultural affair within the society. That meeting came as part of HRH's belief that the interest in the development of culture is no less important than the development of economic and developmental affairs, and that there is no benefit to an economically developed society while lacking the elements of culture that nourish its spirit and make it capable of enhancing its achievements and preserving them.
For decades, culture in the Kingdom has been receiving a great deal of official attention from the State's institutions. Today, this interest is growing at the highest levels from an institutional perspective, and in terms of future programs and huge budgets included by Vision 2030 that has granted the cultural sector in the Kingdom a very good share of attention, care and planning, a matter which ensures the creation of a diverse community of cultural backgrounds, which positively reflect on the behavior of individuals and their way of dealing with people around them.
Interest in the Kingdom's cultural affairs is persistent and constant matter that never ceases.
Few days ago and within the framework of Vision 2030, the Ministry of Culture announced its general strategy which included 27 initiatives. The ministry promised that its strategy will play a major role in realizing Vision of 2030. It will lead efforts to develop cultural and artistic sectors in the Kingdom, enriching the individual's lifestyle and encouraging cultural expression and dialogue. It's noteworthy that development of the cultural affair in the Kingdom does not target the educated elite but all sectors of society and all ages in order to build a thriving cultural sector and provide an environment that encourages creative and talented people in all parts of the Kingdom to work and produce. Such an interest in the cultural affair comes as only as the outcome of maintaining the distinguished national identity as source of pride and glory for all of us.

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