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Khomeini Doctrine

Leader of the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Nasir Shaabani, has broken no new ground by acknowledging Tehran's orders for the Houthi gang to attack two Saudi oil tankers while sailing through the international waters in the Red Sea.

The talk of one of the IRGC's influential leaders directly linked to the Supreme Leader of the Khomeinist Revolution and his arrogance, confirmed the unbridled Iranian desire to shed more blood and sow fear and panic in the region. 

In blunt tone, Shaabani said: "We told the Houthis to hit the two Saudi tankers and they did so." He referred to two facts. First, the Houthi putschists group is not part of any Yemeni national project as much as it is an obedient accomplisher of the Iranian leader's commands. Second, Tehran seeks more fires in the region coinciding with the new US sanctions' entry into force.

The Iranian people, who protest all around the clock against their country's foreign policy and the deterioration of the internal situation, are not in need of the talk of those who rule them with an iron fist about a strategic depth in southern Lebanon or Saada mountains, or Khomeini's Islam, as described by Shaabani, or preaching of a global war that the Middle East forms its core.

The strategy of causing panic by an external enemy to form a unified internal front launched by Khomeini and followed by his supporters is no longer useful to the youth rallies of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and other cities and governorates of Iran. This strategy will not be able to address the collapse of the exchange rate of the Iranian riyal or resolve the crises experienced by the country, reaching to the failure to provide safe drinking water and electricity services to its citizens.

The Iranian people's uprising that shook the pillars of the Iranian regime has announced that it will not stop until one of the worst regimes in modern history is toppled, and in the face of the daily repression. Yet, the Iranians are more determined to continue their struggle to regain their country and return it to the international community after Khomeini has wasted four decades of its age into wars and crises.

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